Push Button Shift Selector (PBSS) Installation


As a global leader in motion control systems with decades of experience, Orscheln Products understands the benefits of easy installation when it comes to shift control systems. That is why Orscheln’s team of engineers has worked hard to create a push button shift selector (PBSS) that is designed for easier installation due to a U-bracket panel mount. Designing this feature is just one example of Orscheln Products’ efforts and steps to listen to and incorporate the needs of its customers to help find unique, quality solutions for its customers’ motion control needs. Orscheln Products not only provides standard motion control products and systems all over the world; its team of talented engineers is also trained to provide custom solutions to meet the specific needs and expectations of Orscheln’s customers. Contact Orscheln Products today about push button shift selector (PBSS) installation as well as custom design capabilities for motion control products and systems.