Push Button Automatic Transmission Shifter

Orscheln Products L.L.C. serves our OEM and aftermarket customers with a quality push button automatic transmission shifter.

Orscheln Products L.L.C. can be considered a leading global supplier in the motion control systems industry. We provide OEMs and aftermarket customers with quality products for the industries they serve. Our push button automatic transmission shifter is a part of Orscheln’s Shift Control Systems product category. Since the founding of Orscheln in 1945, we have expanded our product line to offer in-demand products that fit the continual evolutions of the industries we serve. For example, Orscheln’s family of products has grown to include Park Brake Systems, Control Cables, Dipsticks (Fluid Level Indicators), Electronic Throttle Controls and Electronic Shift Controls.  What’s our secret?  Well, we uphold a continuous commitment to manufacturing quality, leading-edge products and providing superior service.

Flexible push button automatic transmission shifter to meet your requirement.

Orscheln designs and manufactures electro-mechanical and mechanical shift control systems of our OEM and aftermarket customers. We design shift control systems for automatic transmissions, providing the entire system or just the components. A shift “system” is comprised of a control cable, shift control lever, and transmission connection kit.

What types of shift levers do you offer? Standard push button automatic transmission shifter and custom.

We’re glad you asked! We design and manufacture side push button,top push button release, t-handle release configurations. Looking for something specific? Our team of professional engineers have the capability to design and produce custom push button automatic transmission shifter for your application. Our shift systems are customizable for a variety of automatic transmissions. We offer vehicle interlock flexibility, illuminated shift position strip, mounting towers, transmission kits with instructions for installations.

Serving a variety of applications,

For shift control systems, including the push button automatic transmission shifter, we can provide products for your application. Some of our applications include:

  • On-Highway vehicles with automatic transmissions
  • Delivery trucks
  • Vans
  • Buses
  • Off-highway vehicles
  • Haulage tractors

More Applications

and industries.

Orscheln Products L.L.C. is proud to say we serve 6 industries with motion control products. Our industries include the on-highway, off-highway, marine, aerospace, and defense.

More Industry Information


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