Orscheln Products Produces Non-Contact Hall Effect Sensors

IMG_20140213_104721Orscheln Products has decades of experience in manufacturing motion control systems for the heavy-duty marketplace and produces a line of non-contact hall effect sensors for throttle controls. Orscheln Products’ non-contact hall effect sensors are fully programmable and customizable to meet many customers’ requirements.

The specifications of Orscheln Products’ non-contact hall effect sensors include:

  • Fully programmable sensor outputs: Dual Analog and PVM
  • Connector: Delphi 6 Pin Connector, mates with P/N 12066317 or equivalent
  • Supply voltage: 5 Volts ± 0.5 Volts DC
  • Absolute maximum: 36 Volts
  • Reverse voltage: -15 Volts
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to +85°C
  • Endurance: 10 million full cycles
  • Dither: 80 million cycles

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