Orscheln Products manufactures a non-contact Hall Effect sensor for throttle controls.

Orscheln Products offers a wide variety of manufactured goods, including a non contact Hall Effect sensor for throttle controls. As with all Orscheln Products, we strive for high quality in our manufactured goods and the Hall Effect sensor is no exception. Our sensor features two output options including dual analog and PWM. Our product also has several environmental validations including the following: temperature cycle for -40oC to +85oC, vibration random and swept sine, humidity 95% RH for 240 hours, a salt spray for 96 hours, as well as many other features. To learn more about Orscheln Products’ non-contact Hall Effect sensors click here! If you are in need of further information or assistance, please fill out the quick contact form to the right of the page, as we’d love to answer any questions you may have.