Orscheln Products is a Leading Aircraft Cable Manufacturer – View Our Superior Product Line

Orscheln Products is a Leading Aircraft Cable Manufacturer.  Orscheln Products has been in business for almost 70 years, initially producing lines of parking brakes, then expanding to include the manufacture of many other lines, including pump controls, fluid level indicators, electronic shifting systems, and aircraft and military control systems.   Orscheln Products is a leading aircraft cable manufacturer.  We are able to supply a wide range of mechanical control systems to the commercial, general, regional, and military aviation markets, as well as the military ground support vehicle market.  Our company prides itself on our diverse product and process offerings, and our experienced and creative employees work with each and every customer individually.  As space and weight are generally considered the two biggest factors in any airplane part, Orscheln Products works to ensure that products are built with lightweight materials, precise tolerances, lowslide forces, and low backlash.