“High Output” Electronic Actuators from Orscheln Products


Orscheln Products offers “high output” electronic actuators for heavy-duty applications. These actuators are available in either 12 or 24 volt and the “high output” feature is designed to be capable of pulling out of park position at various temperature extremes, and provides for a mechanical output force of up to 150 pounds and a positioning accuracy of 0.050 inches. Orscheln’s “high output” electronic actuators are designed with ease-of-installation in mind, as the DC power and digital communications signal are the only two wires which must be connected for use. If Orscheln’s standard “high output” electronic actuators do not meet a customer’s application needs, the Orscheln Engineering Team is able to work with customers to design a custom solution to meet the customer’s specifications. To learn more about Orscheln Products’ “high output” electronic actuators, please contact the Sales Team.