Mechanical Shift Controls for Automatic Transmissions


Orscheln Products, a global leader in motion control systems, offers a line of mechanical shift control systems for automatic transmissions such as  Allison™ 1000, 2000, and 2400 series, as well as for the AT, MT, HT, and 2nd neutral models. These mechanical shift control systems are offered in standard mechanical, electro-mechanical, and custom options for shift controls. Orscheln’s shift controls are designed around the “Felsted™ Shifter” platform, the “NG” platform, or other custom OEM requirements and are available for standard, inhibitor, and/or interlock shift applications. The levers come in a variety of configuration options, including side push button, T-handle release, and top push button. If one of Orscheln’s standard mechanical shift controls does not meet a customer’s unique specifications, Orscheln’s team of engineers is capable of designing a custom solution. To learn more about mechanical shift controls for automatic transmissions, contact the Orscheln Products Sales Team.