Heavy-Duty Electronic Throttle Pedals

Throttle GroupOrscheln Products is known worldwide for manufacturing and engineering motion control parts and systems, including electronic throttle pedals for heavy-duty vehicles. Orscheln Products designs parts for military vehicles, buses, agriculture equipment, and other heavy-duty vehicles. Orscheln’s electronic throttle pedals are designed with sensor technology. Orscheln’s engineering team works closely with customers around the world to design and develop sensor technology to meet those customers’ specific needs.

Orscheln’s standard electronic throttle pedals are available in two designs: floor-mounted and suspended. Orscheln’s electronic throttle pedals are designed to be lightweight and utilize corrosion-resistant materials. The various pedal angles are designed to provide user comfort. Suspended pedals are designed for easy installation and flexible ergonomic positioning. Fire wall mount and various pedal rotation angles are engineered for versatility. For more information about electronic throttle pedals, contact an Orscheln Sales Team Member today!