Orscheln Products’ Fluid Level Indicators are manufactured to ensure consistent and accurate fluid level readings.

The fluid levels in your engine are crucial to its efficiency. Consistent and accurate fluid level readings are always important. Orscheln Products has been manufacturing fluid level indicators for many years, and we have four different lines of fluid level indicators for you to choose from. Each line of fluid level indicators is made from various  high-quality tube materials and configurations, which can handle the wide range of temperatures and routings found in different engines and transmission operating environments. The Orscheln Products’ patented Twist2Lock fluid level indicator series offers increased accuracy of fluid level, which can lead to greater power-train efficiency and performance.

If you are in need of a more customized fluid level indicator, Orscheln Products can certainly help. Orscheln Products offers custom end-fittings with Plastic-to-Metal Combinations, and also offers customer-specific blades & markings. Click here  to learn more about Orscheln Products’ line of fluid level indicators, and feel free to  contact our knowledgeable sales staff with any questions you may have!