Do you need a shift inhibitor to prevent costly drive train damage due to high RPM shifting? Call Orscheln Products!

Orscheln Products knows that automatic transmissions in refuse packers or other similar heavy-duty vehicles (especially those involved in frequent stop-and-go operations where engine speeds above idle are required), can suffer major abuse from improper
shifting.  It has been found that if the driver does not wait until their engine’s RPM’s return to idle before shifting, high inertial loads can be forced upon the transmission and drive train, which could lead to extensive and expensive damage.  Orscheln Products has created the Shift Inhibitor System to combats this problem.  The Shift Inhibitor System delays the shifting process until the engine has returned to idle speed.

Here are some of the components of Orscheln Products’ Shift Inhibitor System:
• Shift inhibitor control
• Push-Pull Cable
• Transmission Connection Kit

The user will also need to have the following parts on hand to complete the system:

• Engine speed sensor*
• Speed switch*
• Airbrake Tubing*• Fittings*

All you need to do is consult with Sales/Engineering to create the correct shift solution for your specific needs.