Features of Push Button Shift Selectors from Orscheln Products

Electronic push button shifterOrscheln Products manufactures push button shift selectors for heavy-duty vehicles with electro-mechanical transmissions. When combined with an electric motor actuator, the push button shift selectors from Orscheln Products make a complete electronic shift actuator system. The technical requirements for Orscheln’s push button shift selector and the entire electronic shift actuator system are as follows:

  • Power: 12 / 24 volt
  • Pin: Free pin in all ranges
  • Shaft: Shaft angles – multiple
  • Size: Compact
  • EMI: Meet EU / US
  • CAN: J1939-27 & J1939-15 “lite”
  • Messages: Programmable
  • Baud rate: 250 Kb/s and 500 Kb/s
  • Park Pawl: Optional
  • Fording capability: Meet IEC 60529 – IP69
  • Failure mode: Never fail-to-neutral (only when in Neutral)
  • Bracket, Bolts, & Nuts: No Hexavalent chromium coating

For more information about Orscheln Products’ push button shift selectors or the complete electronic shift actuator systems, please click here to contact the Sales Team.