Features of Electronic Shift Actuator Systems (ESAS) from Orscheln Products


Orscheln Products is proud to produce industry-leading electronic shift actuator systems that operate over CAN J1939 for transmissions with a mechanical interface (e.g. Allison™ 1000/2000 Series). One feature of Orscheln’s electronic shift actuator systems is the non-contact Hall-Effect Sensors for vehicle feedback, which are designed to help increase the reliability of the actuator. They also are designed to provide the capability to pull out of park position at extreme temperatures. Orscheln’s ESAS are designed for simple use and electrical connection since only two wires, DC power and a digital communications signal, need to be connected for use. Orscheln’s “smart” actuators utilize a sealed, metal enclosure. The linear shaft output feature also allows the “smart” actuator to be set up for either direct or remote connections. If you’re interested in Orscheln Products’ ESAS, please contact the Sales Team today.