Working With Top-Shelf Commercial Foot Pedals

Since our founding as an original equipment manufacturer, we’ve worked tirelessly to create heavy duty commercial foot pedals that perform under strenuous conditions. Our customers all over the world require the best solutions for their commercial applications, and we’ve been proud to partner with them. 

Our commercial foot pedals take conventional ideas about the manufacturing and design process and showcase our modern approach in response. We’re not here to keep our customers from moving forward in the industry. Instead, we’re empowering them with commercial foot pedals that are more than satisfactory and are accompanied with world-class customer service. If you want to learn more about what our commercial foot pedals are capable of, get in touch with one of our engineers today!

Now, let’s take a look at what separates our commercial foot pedals from the rest.

Electric Innovation

Our commercial foot pedals are capable of electric operation and we offer them in floor-mounted and suspended designs. Each of these variations can deliver a precise signal that interacts with the engine’s electronic fuel management systems. In this way, our commercial foot pedals provide a smooth experience for the driver and feature a durable, long-lasting programmable sensor. 

What’s more, the polymer components of our commercial foot pedals create a lightweight pedal that is durable and lighter than third party pedals. Of course, polymer components aren’t the only option for our customers. Steel-based pedals can be manufactured upon request!

This sort of manufacturing keeps our commercial foot pedals future-proof and ready to be applied for a diverse range of applications. Our suspended foot pedals are a great example of this, so let’s explore them a little more in-depth.

Suspended Foot Pedals

As an experienced manufacturer of commercial foot pedals, we know that space and positioning are important concerns for our customers. We’ve taken this into consideration with our suspended commercial foot pedal designs. 

Our suspended foot pedals are designed for ergonomic specifications and easy installation, and we offer 100% end-of-the-line testing on these assemblies. With our manufacturing locations in North America, Europe, and India, along with a global network of distributors and assemblers, you can find a suspended foot pedal no matter where you are in the world.

Pedal Clusters

Another offering in our commercial foot pedal lineup is the pedal cluster, otherwise known as a “pedal box.” This pedal cluster is fabricated with an electronic throttle and brake pedal, all of which can be custom made into a metal assembly. What makes this assembly unique is that it will save engineering and development time upfront, which can eliminate over a dozen parts for the original equipment manufacturer. It also saves considerable time at the vehicle assembly line. 

This capability, along with its broad design, metal fabrication, and in-house test lab, makes for significant benefits for zero emission and fully electric vehicles.

EV2 Vernier Control

Our reputation as a commercial foot pedal manufacturer also depends on our ability to produce peripheral products that complement our innovation. A perfect example of this is our EV2 vernier control.

The EV2 vernier control is a hand operated control for precise and variable engine speed adjustment on electronically controlled engines. Remote operating positions on mobile commercial equipment also applies it. At its core, the EV2 uses a linear potentiometer to translate mechanical position to an electrical signal in order to control the engine from a remote location.

This control system is ideal for a broad range of commercial applications and it continues to reflect the innovation that we regularly pour into our products.

Dual Output Hall Effect Sensor

Another peripheral product for our commercial foot pedals is our hall effect sensor. It has electrically independent programmed sensors that meet FMVSS requirements. This allows for fast, accurate, and correlated verification of the sensor angle by the engine’s electronic fuel management systems.

Construction Applications

What sets us apart from our competitors is our ability to more easily match the needs of our OEM customers. Our operation, which maintains a global reach, gives us the capacity to quickly assist our customers with commercial foot pedals that have a quick turnaround and can be assembled by our reputable assemblers. One particular industry that our commercial foot pedals can be applied to is construction. For projects both small and large, or lightweight and precise, our commercial foot pedals get the job done and continue to maintain their quality over time. 

Off Highway Applications

Another benefit of our commercial foot pedals are their ability to be used in off highway applications. Some examples of common off highway industry applications can include:

  • Construction
  • Material Handling
  • Agriculture
  • Military
  • And more

To be even more specific, our commercial foot pedals can be applied to agriculture equipment, motor graders, excavators, cranes, fork lifts, and a number of other commercial vehicles and equipment. This alone makes our commercial foot pedals a versatile solution for our customers across the globe.

F.A.S.T. Foot Pedal Assembly

We can’t mention the capabilities and design of our commercial foot pedals without letting you know how to get a hold of these great products. Our F.A.S.T. (Felsted® Assembled System Technology) program is the one of the solution to find a local assembler in your region that can get our products to you. 

With over 110 commercial foot pedal assemblers around the world, we’ve created a distribution program that delivers best-in-class customer service with products that last. Currently, our F.A.S.T. distribution program services both small and large markets in the following locations:

  • North America
  • Europe
  • India
  • China
  • And more

The breadth of our F.A.S.T. program enables us to meet our customers’ demands for a variety of commercial applications with quick turnaround.

Contact A Distributor

If you find yourself in need of commercial foot pedals, especially on short notice, your first course of action is to contact your nearest F.A.S.T. assembler.

Benefits and Specifications

We respect the fact that a lot of our customers want to know both the benefits and the specifications of our commercial foot pedals. To satisfy that interest, we’ll explore both of these!


The benefits of our commercial foot pedals go well beyond than their ease of use. They also include how they’ve been designed and manufactured. These benefits include:

  • Smooth, responsive interface
  • Dual programmable outputs
  • Analog or PWM signals
  • Mechanical kick down available
  • 100% end-of-line testing
  • Tested to SAEJ1455
  • And more

We’re constantly exploring how to make our products better, and we’re taking proactive measures to further the benefits of our commercial foot pedals.

General Specifications for Suspended Pedals

Beginning with our general specifications for suspended pedals, our commercial foot pedals are built and tested with:

Material: PA 66 33% GF

Weight: 0.350 kg (0.772lbs)

Storage temperature: -55 ̊C to 105 ̊C

Operating temperature: -40 ̊C to 105 ̊C

Humidity: 96 % RH for 240 hours -40 ̊C to 85 ̊C

Mechanical Specifications

Moving on to our mechanical specifications, our commercial foot pedals are built and tested with these in mind:

Travel: 20 ̊±1 ̊ Angular Travel

Operating Loads: Idle 3.3Nm±1Nm, WOT 6.8Nm±1.4Nm

Durability: 4.8 Million Loaded Endurance Cycles (min.)

Overload: 1800N

Random Broadband Vibration: 8 Hours, 3 Axis 7.68 Grms

Swept Spine Vibration: Displacement 1.5mm from 10Hz to 57Hz, Acceleration 69.3m/s2 RMS (10g peak) from 57.5Hz to 2000Hz

This is just a glimpse into the efficacy of our commercial foot pedals. To learn more, you can read our specification sheets in full!

Talk To An Engineer About Our Commercial Foot Pedals

If you’re a commercial or aftermarket customer looking for the best solution for commercial foot pedals, we’re ready to partner with you to bring your business into a modern and expansive market. We serve a variety of industries with a global reach. From our offices in Moberly, Missouri, Europe, India, and China, we can provide standard or custom solutions to fit your application!

What sets Orscheln Products apart from others in our industry is an unwavering, company-wide commitment to providing each of our service markets with the care they deserve. Our entire team emphasizes collaboration and combines it with an innovative approach and unrivaled expertise. These are just a few of the reasons that customers have turned to us for decades for their design and manufacturing needs.

Contact us today, or take advantage of our virtual engineer-to-engineer service. If you’re looking for a specific part with a quick turnaround, find a distributor near you and submit your request.