Brief History of Orscheln Products

Company-Profile-300x200Orscheln Products began in the 1930’s when Ed and William Orscheln created a trucking company named Orscheln Brothers Truck Line. Because of the constant failure of their parking brakes, Al Orscheln, the maintenance supervisor, created the first “overcenter” parking brakes that utilized a pull up handle and increased the driver’s leverage when they lock parking brakes into place. Al Orscheln had his invention patented in 1939 and permitted the sales to others in 1946. Some time later, Orscheln Brothers Truck Line evolved into Orscheln Products L.L.C.

Orscheln Products continues to be an industry leader who demonstrates their expertise not only through their time in the industry, but also due to the wide range of products and services offered. To view additional information on Orscheln Products’ history, click here. Speak with an Orscheln Products Sales Team member for any questions or comments by following this link.