Benefits of Electronic Push Button Shift Selectors from Orscheln Products

PBSS1-300x300OEM and aftermarket customers often come to Orscheln Products’ for their quality electronic push button shift selectors. Orscheln Products’ electronic push button shift selectors feature a wide range of benefits for many industries, such as buses, construction, on-highway, off-highway, military, and more. If you are an OEM or aftermarket customer in need of a product that is designed and manufactured to give you the results you need,  Orscheln’s push button shift selector demonstrates this capability via product features.

Product Features:

  • OEM applications for automatic, automated manual, and hybrid power trains
  • CAN communication enabled for interface with vehicle systems
  • Shift selector powered by driver control module
  • Graphic display advisory system
  • Diagnostics available for transmissions enabled with this function
  • Programmable circuit board
  • Vehicle interlock flexibility

Feel free to view additional details about this product here. Place your order for Orscheln’s push button shift selectors by contacting a member of the Orscheln Products Sales Team today.