Electronic Shift Actuator Systems (ESAS) from Orscheln Products

ESAS (2)Orscheln Products is a global leader in the electronic shift actuator systems (ESAS) industry because Orscheln strives to provide quality, reliable products. For OEM and aftermarket customers who are in need of electronic shift actuator systems, Orscheln Products can help. Orscheln Products’ electronic shift actuator systems have a range of features. These features include but are not limited to:

  • Electric motor actuator with integrated motor controller
  • Motor feedback uses Hall-Effect Sensor
  • “High Output” Motor Design
  • Linear Shaft Output
  • Sealed actuator design with heavy duty metal enclosure

Each of the above features are designed and manufactured into electronic shift actuator systems to benefit the operator for a better experience. For example, linear shaft output can be setup for both a direct connection or remote connection through the control cable.

If you are interested in learning more about the added benefits of Orscheln Products’ electronic shift actuator systems, click here. For those who wish to place an order, contact a member of the Orscheln Products Sales Team.