Benefits of Aviation Controls from Orscheln Products

aircraft controlsOrscheln Products is a worldwide distributor of an array of mechanical control systems. Orscheln’s mechanical control systems can be manufactured for commercial aviation, helicopters, military aircraft, very light jets, and other aircraft. The Orscheln Products team is made up of engineering, manufacturing, and quality control professionals, dedicated to the production of quality aviation controls. Orscheln’s aviation controls are designed to be used for applications that may need precise tolerance, backlash and low slide forces.

Orscheln Products designs each aviation control from prototype to production. Qualification testing is completed through in-house and outside certified laboratories. Orscheln Products has years of experience partnering with FAA-PMA assemblies and works to meet FAA requirements. Orscheln Products conducts a 2,000 degree flame test, as well as vertical and horizontal burn tests. Orscheln manufactures air-tight packaging and specializes in custom systems to help meet the customer’s needs. Orscheln’s aviation controls have additional aircraft offerings such as rat manual deploy, rat release, and warning flags.

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