6 cables every aircraft flier needs

As the industry leader, Orscheln Products provides a wide array of mechanical control systems for aviation, helicopters, light jets, light aircrafts, and military applications. All of our controls are FAA compliant, meeting all requirements that are needed to be up in the air. All of our products are available to aviation fliers globally.

Offering the ACCO cable product lines

At Orscheln, we benefit from using ACCO cable product lines because of the cable’s durable nature. We believe each design we create should utilize sturdy products. We have catalog systems available as well for many applications.

Our cables are built with robust, and durable design qualities that are created for simple customer use. They are created with Polymer Rod and Sleeve Bearing to produce sturdy cables that aren’t able to be destroyed.

6 cables for every aircraft OEM or aftermarket customer:

  • Ball bearing control panels
  • Push-pull control cables
  • Valve control cables
  • Throttle control cables
  • T-handle control cables
  • Mechanical control cables

The Orscheln Way, made in the USA

Our aircraft control systems are manufactured together in our headquarters in Moberly, Missouri. We are experienced professionals with experience in engineering, customer service, manufacturing and designing aircraft controls.

Cables built in-house.

Our professionals build cables in-house to create a positive flow of communication from customer to engineer. We are readily staffed from the design process to the production. Each product is tested in-house to assure supreme quality and durability. We wouldn’t send out a product that wasn’t effective and useful for our clients.


Custom, Unique cable designs

Orscheln Products understands that all aircrafts are built and designed differently. They’re modeled in different years, in different areas, and with different individuals. Orscheln has custom designed systems that will exceed expectations and meet your aircraft’s requirements.

Our designers believe that our custom, sturdy cable designs are the correct choice for aircraft fliers. All of our team members go through significant training and workshops to develop FAA-PMA compliant solutions that are perfect for you. At Orscheln Products, we trust that every cable design our dedicated team creates will perform to the best of its ability.

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