Transmission Dipstick

Are you in the market for a quality manufactured transmission dipstick?

Transmission Dipstick

If you’re an OEM or aftermarket customer looking for a transmission dipstick for your application, Orscheln Products L.L.C. can offer a solution for your need. We have served the motion control systems industry since 1946 and we continue to evolve based on the needs of our customers. Because of this drive to meet the continually changing needs of our industry, Orscheln is considered one of the leading global suppliers of motion control systems.

Transmission Dipstick Assemblies, as we call them ‘fluid level indicators‘.

If you’re speaking with an Orscheln sales professional and you say ‘dipstick’, we’re translating to fluid level indicators. A dipstick is what the product is better known as. Regardless, we know exactly what you mean.  At Orscheln, we call this product group fluid level indicators. Orscheln supplies and manufactures fluid level indicators for most applications in the 5 industries that we serve – off-highway, on-highway, marine, aerospace and defense.

Orscheln’s Twist2Lock® Fluid Level Indicator –Twist2Lock® F1, F2, F3 and F4 – product line is a solution for a variety of engine, transmission and other applications.

Features of Orscheln’s fluid level indicators.

Orscheln’s patented locking cap and assembly process offers increased accuracy of measuring your fluid level, with the intent to lead to more powertrain efficiency and performance. A complete assembly will include a tube, locking cap and indicator as required.

Looking for a solution that lighter duty? Try our Push2Seal™® solution.

Formal Metal Tubing

Orscheln’s team of professionals has in-house tube bending capabilities. We have the capability to design and manufacture tubes of a variety of sizes for simple to complex routings needed by your application.

Custom End Fittings & Specific Blade Markings

Engine or transmission ports are different in every application – this is not brand new information. Orscheln’s team of professionals also have the capability to incorporate and tailor to customer’s preferred blade type and markings.

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