The Advantages of Orscheln Products’ Electric Motor Actuator

Actuator2-300x300Orscheln Products, a global leader in the production of motion control systems for the heavy-duty marketplace, manufactures a line of electric motor actuators as part of a complete electronic shift actuator system. Orscheln’s electric motor actuators are designed to provide key benefits to Orscheln’s customers, including:

  • Simplified electrical connection, with only the DC power and digital communications signal required for operation.
  • Increased electric motor actuator reliability, due to the use of a non-contact hall-effect sensor.
  • Actuator has sufficient strength to pull out of park position at various temperature extremes.
  • Due to a linear shaft output, the electric motor actuator can be set up for a direct connection or remote connection via control cable.
  • When paired with a push button shift selector, Orscheln’s electric motor actuator provides a shift-by-wire system that operates over CAN J1939.

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