Talk to Orscheln Products about Our Line of Electronic Foot Pedals

Orscheln Products Foot Pedal

Orscheln Products strives to provide a line of high quality electronic foot pedals, part of our electronic throttle control systems. Orscheln Products is a global supplier of motion control systems, including our line of electronic foot pedals. What makes Orscheln Products’ electronic foot pedals unique is that they are constructed of polymer compounds. This material creates a foot pedal that is engineered to be half the weight of many other comparable foot pedals that are currently available. Orscheln Products’ electronic foot pedals are designed to deliver a precise signal that speaks to the engine’s electronic fuel management systems. Our electronic foot pedals are engineered to provide smooth driver operation and to feature a durable, longer-life programmable Orscheln Products Sensor. Speak to a representative at Orscheln Products today and learn more about what makes our line of electronic foot pedals unique.