Quality Fluid Level Indicators for Medium and Heavy-Duty Applications

FLI Product FamilyOrscheln Products designs and manufactures fluid level indicators for medium and heavy-duty applications. These fluid level indicators are ideal for checking engine fluid levels such as oil and other engine fluids. The complete fluid level indicator system is designed to include a locking cap, tube, and indicator as required. Orscheln Products offer OEMs and aftermarket customers with F1, F2, F3, and F4 design options. Each Orscheln Product is manufactured to include Twist2Lock® technology.  Twist2Lock® technology is engineered to ensure a fully calibrated system with a locking cap. The Twist2Lock® fluid level indicators can be customizable to fit the OEMs specific requirements for a medium or heavy-duty machine. The locking system is designed to eliminate oil leakage at the cap. Orscheln Products fluid level indicators are also designed to have a Push2Seal™® feature. The Push2Seal™® feature is manufactured to help prevent oil leakage. Contact an Orscheln Products Sales Team member today to get more information.