Park Brake Cables

Park-Brake-CablesIf you are an OEM and aftermarket customers searching for high-quality park brake cables, stop your search at Orscheln Products. Depending on which feature you value more, durability or corrosion resistance, Orscheln Products can determine which materials are best to use for your specific application. While some materials work better to work against corrosion, others are better for prolonged durability. The materials Orscheln Products uses to manufacture parking brake cables are designed to fight against corrosion and built to last. Regardless of the customer’s needs, Orscheln Products strives hard to design and manufacture products that reach those standards. If an OEM or aftermarket customer is searching for a parking brake cable for a lighter load, it is suggested to go with the ⅛ inch, while the 3/16 inch parking brake cables are built for loads that do not exceed three thousand pounds. To contact a member of the Orscheln Products Sale Team, follow this link and introduce yourself and your parking brake cable needs.