Orscheln Products Provides Aircraft Controls for Military Applications

motion control systems for military aircrafts

The engineers at Orscheln Products are trained to design a wide range of mechanical aircraft control systems for military applications. The experienced professionals at Orscheln Products produce military aircraft control systems in a dedicated manufacturing cell located at our corporate headquarters in Moberly, MO, USA. As precision is important to aircraft applications, Orscheln’s control cables are designed to feature precise tolerances with low side forces and backlash. Orscheln’s aircraft controls for military applications meet FAA requirements and also pass both the FAR 23.1141 and FAR 25.853 flame and burn tests. Since Orscheln Products provides aircraft controls for military applications, these parts and products are designed to meet MIL-STD-810 and RTCA DO-160. To learn more about Orscheln Products’ aircraft controls for military applications, contact the Sales Team today.