Orscheln Products offers specialized Milling Operations to companies around the United States.

At Orscheln Products, our staff takes projects and customer satisfaction very seriously.  Even though most individuals see milling as just cutting pieces of metal, Orscheln Products likes to think of our custom milling operations as our very own special pieces of art. We realize our machinery, including three axis, CNC controlled milling machines with rotary index are good, but what makes our work stand out is our staff.  Orscheln Products’ operators focus on creating custom pieces for every client – whether you’re needing a softer material milled such as brass, or something stronger, such as titanium, we accept every challenge of developing reliable custom pieces for people who trust us.

Our determined team and sturdy machinery are the perfect combination for utilizing the best material to its full capabilities. No matter the size or quantity of the project, Orscheln Products is prepared to make only the best for our customers.  If you think you may need some customized milling operations,  contact our sales staff to get started today!