Orscheln Products Offers Quality Electronic Hand Throttles

Electronic Hand Throttles1

Orscheln Products offers two quality electronic hand throttles that are designed to meet most customers’ needs for their heavy-duty applications. The first design utilizes one of Orscheln’s hall-effect sensors. This design features a polymer housing and a short arm lever that helps attach a customer-designed cable and can provide for easy hand operation. The second electronic hand throttle design from Orscheln is an EV2 vernier control. This control works similarly to the previous mechanical cable version and it features a large knob that provides for ease of identification. The control also offers a quick shut-down feature that can be activated by pushing the large knob. This quality electronic hand throttle from Orscheln Products uses a linear potentiometer, designed to translate mechanical position to an electrical signal for remote operation. For any further inquiries, please contact the Orscheln Products Sales Team today.