Orscheln Products manufactures dipsticks for heavy duty engines and transmissions.

Orscheln Products manufactures dipsticks, also known as fluid level indicators, for heavy duty engines and transmissions. At Orscheln Products, we work with customers on a global scale to produce a wide range of dipsticks for a wide range of use in different engines and transmissions. If you need a dipstick for a heavy duty engine or transmission, consider Orscheln Products. Our dipsticks, or fluid level indicators, have a patented design to help provide better powertrain efficiency and performance. Each dipstick for heavy duty use comes as a ready-assembled, complete system, including a tube, locking cap and indicator as required. Our locking caps help eliminate oil leakage “blow-by” at the cap and at the engine block, and also help to eliminate loose or lost sticks caused by vibration. Orscheln Products’ sales team can work with you to provide the custom dipstick solutions you need for heavy duty engines and transmissions. To learn more about our dipsticks, please click here to read our product brochure.