Learn more about Orscheln Products’ Patented Fluid Level Indicators.

Learn more about Orscheln Products’ Patented Fluid Level Indicators!  One of Orscheln Products’ all-time best selling lines is our Fluid Level Indicators.  Orscheln Products builds such a unique fluid level indicator that the locking cap has been patented.  This cap design and our unique assembly process leads to an accurate reading of fluid levels, which, in turn, leads to greater engine and transmission efficiency and performance.  Here are a few reasons to choose Orscheln Products’ Twist2Lock™ Fluid Level Indicators:

-The fluid level indicators are fully calibrated, right out of the box.

-Our patented design eliminates oil leakage at the cap and at the engine.

-The Locking cap eliminates loose or lost sticks caused by vibration, which could be catastrophic to an engine or transmission.

-As always, the ability to customize our parts to your company’s specific needs for an engine or transmission.

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