In-House Screw Machine Part Manufacturing by Orscheln Products

Part-Fabrication at Orscheln Products

Orscheln Products has been known for decades for its motion control products and systems. Orscheln Products is also proud to provide screw machine parts, fabricated at its headquarters in Moberly, Missouri. Orscheln’s 47,000 square foot facility- along with a dedicated staff of knowledgeable machine operators- allows Orscheln to provide in-house screw machine part manufacturing to customers all over the world. Orscheln Products offers deburring, milling, broaching, drilling, threading, chucking, reaming, and taping for parts, and can manufacture parts in plastic, copper, brass, aluminum, or steel. Heat-treating is also available at an off-site location. With plating and coating services also provided in-house, many of Orscheln’s customers are able to get a completed part, all from one location. For more information about Orscheln’s in-house part fabrication, contact the Orscheln Products Sales Team today.