Features and Construction of Orscheln’s HP Control Cables


Orscheln Products is proud to be a global supplier of HP control cables and hardware. Orscheln’s HP Control cables are constructed with a 1 x 7 coated core and is available in 3, 4 and 6 Series cables. This construction is designed to offer improved flexibility and higher push loads than armor core construction. Orscheln’s tension cables utilize a 1 x 19 HP coated core. Orscheln’s Felsted™ brand cables use polymer liners which are available in standard HP cable construction at -65 to +225° F and HEFT 2 high temperature version at -65 to +300° F. Optimum core performance is provided by factory lubrication and typically does not require further service. Contact Orscheln Products for more information about the features and construction of Orscheln’s HP Control Cables or view the HP Control Cables catalog by clicking this link http://orschelnproducts.com/products/control-cables/