Features and Construction of Orscheln Products’ High Performance Cables

Control-Cables1-300x300Orscheln Products, a leading manufacturer of motion control systems for the international heavy-duty vehicle marketplace, produces high performance cables for the Felsted™ and ACCO control cable line. This diverse line of high performance cables are available in a range of standard products, including options for push-pull, t-handle, control head, valve control, throttle, and tension cables. A few of the features and construction specifications of Orscheln Products’ high performance cables include:

  • A high performance (HP) 1 x 7 coated core available in 3, 4, and 6 Series cables, designed to offer improved flexibility and higher push loads
  • All Felsted™ cables use polymer liners
  • Heavy-duty polymer jackets are extruded onto the stranded liner to help provide maximum cable strength

If you are interested in receiving more information about Orscheln’s high performance cables for OEM engineering needs, please contact the Sales Team today.