Engine Oil Level Indicators from Orscheln Products

FLI Product FamilyOrscheln Products offers a wide range of options for OEMs and aftermarket customers in search of fluid level indicator solutions, including engine oil level indicators. Orscheln’s Twist2Lock® fluid level indicator product line is designed to be used in a wide range of engine and transmission applications. Orscheln’s engine oil level indicators feature a patented locking cap, and are engineered to offer increased accuracy of fluid level and assist in greater powertrain efficiency and performance. Manufactured as a complete system, Orscheln’s engine oil level indicators include a tube, locking cap, and indicator. Orscheln’s line of fluid level indicators are manufactured with various tube materials to handle the wide range of temperatures and routings in many different engine operating environments.  To learn more about engine oil level indicators from Orscheln Products, click here. For further inquiries and OEM requirements, please contact the Orscheln Products Sales Team today.