Electronic Throttle Controls are available from Orscheln Products.

Looking for Electronic Throttle Controls? Consider contacting Orscheln Products!  Orscheln’s electronic throttle controls are designed to deliver a precise signal that connects directly to the engine’s electronic fuel management systems. This design is intended to provide the user with a smooth responsive interface. Orscheln’s deep understanding of engines’ electronic fuel management systems means that Orscheln’s teams of designers will work with you to develop sensor technology that fits your requirements. With manufacturing teams in North America, Europe, China and India, Orscheln provides electronic throttle controls worldwide.

Orscheln’s electronic throttle controls are designed for a wide range of specialty vehicles:

  • Trucks, buses, vans
  • Stationary Equipment
  • CNG
  • Hybrid
  • Military
  • Construction
  • Agriculture

Orscheln also provides a wide variety of motion control systems for heavy duty vehicles and aircraft…Learn more about Orscheln’s products by contacting Orscheln’s experienced sales team.