Electronic Foot Pedals

electronic foot pedals

Engineers need quality and dependable electronic foot pedals.

Engineers take their jobs seriously. The manufacturers you work with depend on you, and most of our OEM customers’, expertise and guidance during the manufacturing process. The quality of your electronic foot pedals and other parts can directly effect the quality of your finished product.

At Orschlen Products LLC, we know manufacturing takes a team to accomplish large scale products. Each step of the process is vital, which is why Orscheln Products wants to be your go-to resource to provide industry leading electronic foot pedals for your OEM needs.

What do we offer for electronic foot pedals?

Let us explain it to you. Electronic Foot Pedals offered by Orscheln Products L.L.C. are floor mounted with suspended designs. Each electronic foot pedal delivers a precise signal which directly interacts with your engine’s electronic fuel management systems. Our pedals are fast-reacting, which can provide smooth driver operation. The pedals feature a durable, longer-life programmable, specifically designed at Orscheln Products, sensor.

We use polymer components which create a lightweight pedal for our OEM applications, as much as half the weight of current pedals in the marketplace. Steel base plates are available upon request if needed by our customers.

We have a history of quality and innovation.

We incorporate intensive customer feedback with Orscheln Products specified test procedures to ensure each pedal is delivered at the highest level of quality ensuring reliability and durability  – built with our OEM customers in mind. Since 1946, Orscheln Products has supplied the world with innovative motion control systems. Orscheln’s professional team embodies a continuous commitment to manufacturing quality and industry leading products.

If you’re an aftermarket or an OEM customer looking for an electronic solution, particularly electronic foot pedals for off highway applications, Orschlen Products is your resource.

Ready to begin? Contact us today for questions or product specs.