Dipsticks with Locking Caps

FLI Product FamilyNeed dipsticks with locking caps for medium and heavy-duty engines and transmissions? Look to Orscheln Products. Headquartered in Moberly, MO, Orscheln Products designs and manufactures the patented Twist2Lock® Fluid Level Indicators that are more than just a dipstick; they are a fully calibrated system. The locking cap is designed to eliminate loose or lost sticks caused by vibration, and also helps to eliminate oil leakage “blow-by” at cap and at engine block. If a customer has a unique dipstick requirement, the Twist2Lock® Fluid Level Indicators can be customized by the Orscheln Products Engineering Team.

To learn more about the dipsticks with locking caps from Orscheln Products, contact the Orscheln Product Sales team and inquire about the Twist2Lock® Fluid Level Indicators.