Adjustable Parking Brake Levers from Orscheln Products


If you’re in need of adjustable parking brake levers, look to Orscheln Products. Orscheln is a global supplier of motion control systems for heavy-duty vehicles and provides adjustable parking break levers that are designed for wide range of vehicles and equipment. Designed on the principle of variable mechanical advantage, Orscheln’s hand levers are based on variable hand effort. In order to allow for system adjustments by the operator, Orscheln’s parking break hand levers are designed to provide a screw-type adjustment feature and the operator can simply turn the adjustment knob on the lever handle. While Orscheln’s collection of standard levers are designed to provide shorter lead-times and lower costs, custom parking brake lever designs are also available. Our engineers are trained to work with you on a custom design while considering required lever output, mounting location, operator access, safety, and handle effort.

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