Accurate Electronic Throttle Pedals

Accurate Electronic Throttle Pedals

Orscheln Products’s electronic throttle pedals are tested for quality.

Orscheln Products can be described as a global leader in the design and manufacturing of  motion control systems including electronic throttle pedals. Orscheln has a staffed team of engineers team, which are a group of professionals committed to designing and producing solutions to OEM needs. Needs that serve the customer’s application needs and exceeds their service expectations. To maintain a high level of integrity, Orscheln utilizes a process which enables Orschlen to hold the capability to develop products with high design functionality. Our professional team has the ability to design and test its products.

The 12 point checklist for valid and durable testing.

Validation and durability testing includes:

  1. FMVSS
  2. Humidity
  3. Electrical Sequence
  4. Chemical Resistance
  5. EMI
  6. Water Ingress
  7. Vibration
  8. Salt Spray
  9. Temperature Cycle
  10. Handling Shock
  11. Dust Ingress
  12. Endurance

Orscheln Products L.L.C. implements 100% end-of-line testing on all throttle assemblies with electronic footprint recorded.

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More professional services from Orscheln engineers.

Orscheln Products Engineering is made up of a team of professionals with the capability to fulfill the following engineering disciplines:  Mechanical Design, Electrical Hardware, Software, Test, Project Management, Manufacturing Engineering, DFARs, IMDS, REACH compliancy, PMA submissions, FAA conformity, in-house CAD/CAE/FEA, design, manufacture and test of ferrous, non-ferrous metals, plastics and corrosion coatings/treatments, standard product as well as custom design capabilities.

Orscheln focuses on customer experience in the on -highway, off-highway, material handling,  ground support, military, marine, aircraft and aerospace markets.

Choose engineers with a history of delivering professional quality products, including accurate electronic throttle pedals.

Since 1946, Orscheln Products has supplied the world with innovative motion control systems. Orscheln’s professional team embodies a continuous commitment to manufacturing quality and industry leading products.

Orscheln Products produces the Felsted line of heavy duty Mechanical Cables, Foot Pedals and Shifters. To further increase service to customers, Orscheln Products has a distributor cable assembly program, called F.A.S.T. ®, with over 110 locations worldwide.