Shift Control Systems for Motor Homes

Dependable Shift Control Systems for Motor Homes when You’re On the Go.

When your consumer hops into their motor home, the last thing you, as an engineer, want to happen is a breakdown due to faulty shift control systems for motor homes. That’s why at Orscheln Products L.L.C. we specialize in providing dependable solutions for our customers to feel confident they are building their motor homes with equipment that will perform to expectations.

Offering mechanical and electro-mechanical shift control systems for motor homes.

That’s right! You have choices when it is time to select your OEM or aftermarket equipment. Since Orscheln Products L.L.C. has operated in the motion control systems industry since 1946, we know a thing or two. We also have grown to a level of capacity to design, manufacture and offer a diverse range of products.

So what makes a “shift system”?  A shift system will include a shift control lever, a control cable and a transmission connection kits.

We provide mechanical shift systems for automatic transmissions. Our offerings range from the entire shift control system to just the components for OEM and aftermarket requirements.


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Standard or Custom System Solutions.

Orscheln Products offers a standard mechanical and electro-mechanical shift control product line, as well as the capability to design and produce custom shift control systems for automatic transmission applications.

Orscheln LLC can provide side push button, t-handle release and top push button release configurations for OEM and aftermarket customers with specific needs.

Some common applications for a shift control system include:

  • motor homes
  • delivery trucks
  • vans
  • buses
  • military trucks
  • off-highway vehicles

We also provide shift control systems for School Buses , mechanical shift controls systems for agriculture applications.


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