The Features of Orscheln Products’ Felsted™ Foot Pedals

Custom-Foot-PedalOrscheln Products manufactures a line of heavy-duty Felsted™ foot pedals, designed for trucks, buses, agricultural equipment, construction equipment, and many other applications that call for a foot operated control. Some of the features of Orscheln Products’ Felsted™ foot pedals include:

  • A rugged steel stamping construction, designed for greater rigidity, durability, and reliability.
  • Oil impregnated bronze bearings
  • Neoprene upper boot and a self-cleaning boot
  • Adjustable pedal stop and pedal height
  • Option for heel rest

Orscheln’s Felsted™ foot pedals, when used with Felsted™ cables and modulators, provides customers with a complete, reliable system.

To get more information about the Felsted™ foot pedals from Orscheln Products, please contact the Sales Team today.