T-Handle Shift Levers from Orscheln Products

Stylized ShifterOrscheln Products has been a leader in mechanical shift control systems for several decades and offers T-Handle shift levers for heavy-duty vehicles. Orscheln also works with a global network of F.A.S.T.® distributors to provide customers with T-Handle shift levers all over the world. In addition to T-Handle shift levers, Orscheln Products also offers shift levers in Side Push Button and Top Push Button configurations. The T-Handle shift levers from Orscheln Products are also available as part of a complete shift system, including the T-Handle shift lever, a control cable, and a transmission connection kit.

To learn more about the T-Handle shift lever from Orscheln Products, or to find out about other Orscheln shift systems, please contact the Orscheln Products Sales Team.