Suspended Electronic Foot Pedals from Orscheln Products

Global-Suspended1-300x300Are you an OEM or aftermarket customer in need of suspended electronic foot pedals that are designed and manufactured with quality in mind? Orscheln Products is a global leader in the electronic foot pedal industry. The suspended electronic foot pedals from Orscheln Products is designed to deliver a fast acting, precise signal to the electronic fuel management system via a durable, long-lasting programmable hall effect sensor by Orscheln Products. Orscheln’s suspended electronic foot pedals can also feature a lightweight, durable polymer that is integrated into the pedal. Upon request, Orscheln Products holds the capability to install steel based plates for OEM and aftermarket customers.

To place an order for suspended electronic foot pedals from Orscheln Products, feel free to speak with a member of the Orscheln Products Sales Team.