Shift Systems for Heavy-Duty Trucks

Orscheln Mechanical Shift-Control-SystemsOrscheln Products has been designing and manufacturing heavy-duty motion control products and systems for several decades. OEMs and aftermarket customers turn to Orscheln Products for products and systems that are designed for quality and ease-of-use. Orscheln Products offers shift systems for heavy-duty trucks, buses, construction equipment, agriculture equipment and other heavy-duty vehicles for OEMs and aftermarket customers around the world. Shift systems for heavy-duty trucks consist of a shift control lever (available in Side Push Button, T-Handle Release, and Top Push Button configurations), a control cable, and a transmission connection kit. Whether you’re in need of an entire shift system, just the components, or a custom shift system for heavy-duty trucks, Orscheln’s team of designers and engineers can deliver.

To learn more about shift systems for heavy-duty trucks from Orscheln Products, click here. For OEM requirements or additional information, please contact a member of the Orscheln Products Sales Team.