Shift Control Systems for Farm Machinery

Orscheln Products L.L.C. offers durable shift control systems for farm machinery applications.

At Orscheln Products, we design and manufacture products that fit the needs and requirements of our OEMs, their industry and their applications. Dependable performance is a guiding principle for our team of professional engineers at Orscheln. For our beloved agriculture industry, we offer durable shift control systems for farm machinery.


Supporting an Industry that Supports America.

The agriculture industry in the United States is powerful. They are the main source to provide food goods to the market place. According to the American Farm Bureau Federation, 2 million farms dot America’s rural landscape. About 99 percent of U.S. farms are operated by families – individuals, family partnerships or family corporations.

Even more impressive? One U.S. farm feeds 168 people annually in the U.S. and abroad. We’re proud to empower an industry that is a backbone of our society.

Standard & Custom Shift Control Systems for Farm Machinery.

Orscheln Products offers a standard mechanical and electro-mechanical shift control product line, as well as the capability to design and produce custom shift control systems for automatic transmission applications. Regardless of our OEM’s requirements and uniqueness of their application – we have the ability to provide a solution, to always be your dependable motion control systems provider.

Mechanical Control Systems for Farm Machinery.

We provide mechanical shift control systems for automatic transmissions. Depending on your need, OEMs can choose independent components or the entire shift control system. Our standard shift levers vary from T-Handle Release, Top Push Button Release & Side Push Button.

Valve Control Systems for Farm Machinery.

From a traditional spring centered valve control lever to heavy duty levers in standard or push-button – Orscheln designs and manufactures a variety of lever operated valve controls.  Even better? We take customer service one step further with our optional mounting towers in multiple configurations and also connection kits with hardware.

Pump Control Systems for Farm Machinery.

For our Dump Body styles, these controls are available with side push button and T-Handle Release configurations. Have a pump control application? Inquire about our standard product line, either the shifter or heavy duty lever design.

Providing shift control systems for motor homes and other applications.

At Orscheln, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide solutions to a variety of applications in the motion control systems industry. Additional applications we supply to are delivery trucks, vans, buses, off-highway vehicles, military trucks, and more.

Choose a shift control systems for farm machinery solutions provider – trusted and true.


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