Quality Engine and Valve Controls

Engine-Valve-and-Pump-Controls1Are you searching for quality engine and valve controls for military, commercial, or private applications? Orscheln Products engineers and produces electro-mechanical engine and value controls for the heavy-duty vehicle marketplace. OEMs and aftermarket customers frequently require engine controls such as the foot pedal. Designed for rugged applications, Orscheln Products’ foot pedals feature steel construction. The steel is designed to offer Orscheln Products’ customers increased durability compared to similar aluminum castings. Quality engine and value controls are designed to work best with Orscheln Products’ control cables. When OEMs and aftermarket use both products together, the two are designed to work together for a comprehensive system. Valve controls by Orscheln Products are lever operated and designed to give OEMs and aftermarket customers higher quality gated configuration. Contact the Orscheln Products Sales Team to further inquire about quality engine and valve controls.