Quality Aircraft Engine Controls from Orscheln Products

planesOrscheln Products has been designing and manufacturing motion control parts and systems for decades and is a global industry leader. Customers and OEMs seeking quality aircraft engine controls can turn to Orscheln Products for their needs. Orscheln’s aircraft engine controls are manufactured at Orscheln headquarters in Moberly, MO and if a standard offering does not meet a customer’s unique specifications, custom aircraft controls are available from Orscheln Products’ engineering team.

Orscheln’s offering of quality aircraft engine controls includes:

  • Throttle controls
  • Mixture controls
  • Propeller pitch controls
  • Carburetor heat controls
  • Bleed air/vacuum controls
  • Fuel tank selection controls

Orscheln designs its aircraft engine controls to meet FAA requirements and the controls are designed to meet specific burn and flame tests. To learn more about Orscheln Products’ quality aircraft engine controls and other aircraft offerings, please click here. To receive more information, please contact the Sales Team today.