Orscheln Products Helps you find the Perfect Parking Brake Cable

Looking for the perfect parking brake cable? Let Orscheln Products show you how to design a perfect parking brake cable to match your exact specifications.

  • Step #1: Determine the size of the cable you need.
  • Step #2: In order to connect your application to the mounting points, you’ll need to choose the fittings required.
  • Step #3: Now identify the lengths required. Click here to view a Cable Sketch Sheet which will help you figure out the cable details.

Orscheln’s PBT (short for Polybutylene Terephthalate) Parking brake Cables use PET coated strand, PET liner, a patented seal with internal and external features and boundary lubrication. By incorporating these unique features, Orscheln parking brake cables offer exceptional corrosion protection. For light to medium duty applications, you may need the 1/8″ PBT Park Brake Cables, rated at 1,200 pounds or less. For heavier loads up to 3,000 pounds, Orscheln Products recommends the 3/16″ PBT Park Brake Cables.

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