Park Brake Levers for Off-Highway Applications

Park-Brake-Levers1-300x300If you are an OEM or aftermarket customer searching for park brake levers for off-highway agricultural applications, Orscheln Products should be your one-stop shop. Orscheln Products designs hand levels to give the user a mechanical advantage by variable hand effort. The variable hand effort comes from switching the lever from the “off” to “on” stage. By making this switch, the operator experiences decreased linear movement in comparison to the output effort. In reverse, the operator experiences increased linear movement when switching from the “on” to the “off” position. Orscheln Products has kept the comfort of the operator in-mind when designing features into park brake levers. When the operator needs to make a system adjustment, they can simply turn the adjustment knob located on the lever. To place your order or for further inquires, click here to get in contact with a member of the Orscheln Products Sales Group.