Park Brake Cables with Shortened Lead Times

Park-Brake-CablesOrscheln Products understands the needs of OEMs and aftermarket customers, and knows that it is important to source vehicle parts quickly. That is why Orscheln Products offers park brake cables with shortened lead times, such as the Orscheln Products 1/8” PBT Park Brake Cables. These cables are engineered for use in light to medium duty applications, and because the componenets used on these cables are common, Orscheln is able to offer these park brake cables with shortened lead times. If you’re in need of park brake cables that can handle heavier loads, look to Orscheln Products’ 3/16” PBT Park Brake Cables. Offering the same qualities as the 1/8” cables, the 3/16” PBT Park Brake Cables are designed for loads up to 3,000 pounds. To learn more about Orscheln’s park brake cables with shortened lead times, click here. For OEM requirements or aftermarket sales, contact the Orscheln Products Sales Team.