Orscheln’s Applications and Industries Served

Do you have experience with Orscheln? But you’re wondering about Orscheln’s applications and industries served?

Orscheln's Applications and Industries Served

Of all the providers in the motion control systems industry, Orscheln has become a well-known, familiar brand. Our commitment to excellence has continued to fuel our team of professionals to offer industry-leading products for our customers. Our OEM and aftermarket customers are always trying to push their competitive edge with their products. Orscheln’s applications and industries stand up to the test. We’re here to answer your call to be the best in your industry!

Orscheln’s industries served.

Orschlen breaks down its solutions by industries first and foremost.  Orscheln Products is currently a world class supplier serving 5 different industries, which include:

  • On-Highway
  • Off-Highway
  • Aerospace
  • Defense
  • Marine
  • Other specialty markets

From mechanical control systems for light jets…

Orscheln Products designs and produces a wide variety of mechanical control systems for light jets, commercial aviation, general aviation, helicopter, experimental aircraft and military applications. Orscheln Products employees experienced sales and engineering team – in addition to offering quality customer service and manufacturing resources dedicated to the design and production of aircraft and military controls.

To shift control systems for motor homes.

When your consumer hops into their motor home, the last thing you, as an engineer, want to happen is a breakdown due to faulty shift control systems for motor homes. That’s why at Orscheln Products L.L.C. we specialize in providing dependable solutions for our customers to feel confident they are building their motor homes with equipment that will perform to expectations.

We provide mechanical shift systems for automatic transmissions. Our offerings range from the entire shift control system to just the components for OEM and aftermarket requirements.

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Choose a provider that has the capability to offer a quality solution for your application. Check out Orscheln’s applications and industries served.