Orscheln Products Provides Helicopter Mechanical Control Systems

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Helicopter mechanical control systems produced by a global provider.

Orscheln Products L.L.C., a leading global supplier of motion control products and systems for aircraft and heavy-duty vehicles, designs and manufactures helicopter mechanical control systems and for other types of aircraft applications.

USA made aircraft control cables.

Orscheln’s aerospace product line is designed and manufactured at Orscheln’s corporate headquarters in Moberly, Mo. Aircraft control cables were added to Orscheln’s product offering in 1998 after we acquired Acco Industrial Controls. Through this acquisition, Orscheln Products gained valuable aircraft cable manufacturing expertise that dates back to the late 1930’s.

Benefits of Orscheln’s Helicopter Mechanical Control Systems.

Partnering with Orscheln Products has its benefits and rewards. Below we feature a few of our helicopter mechanical control systems benefits.

1. FAA-PMA and Custom Conformities Compliant

Orscheln Products offers a wide variety of standard cable products that are FAA compliant. For example, FAR 23.1141 , FAR 25.853.

2. Customized assemblies

Orscheln is staffed with a team of professional engineers to offer customized assembly operations. We understand the tight packaging spaces available in aircraft designs and specialize in custom designed systems that meet the requirements of each individual customer.

3. Tube bending, laser cutting, zinc die casting, plating and more.

Orscheln Products L.L.C. offers the above capabilities during the manufacturing of helicopter mechanical control systems.

More Aerospace Controls Benefits


Helicopters & Additional Applications.

If you’re looking for mechanical control systems for commercial aviation, general aviation, very light jets, helicopters, experimental aircraft or military aircraft – Orscheln Products is your trusted supplier.

Additional applications:

  • Engine controls
  • Fuel controls
  • Flight controls


More Aerospace Controls Applications

Solutions produced by an experienced team.

Our experienced staff is ready to help you with your helicopter mechanical control system needs, from design, engineering, production, quality control and testing, to finally delivering your system.  Orscheln Products Engineering is comprised of a dedicated team of professionals committed to listening to each customer and delivering solutions that serve customer needs and exceed expectations.


Partner with Orscheln Products for helicopter mechanical control systems.


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